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For many people a house is the single largest purchase they’ll make. But because most consumers know little about building they risk making a major mistake. Purchasing a building inspection before buying can help, though be careful who you call. The quality of inspections is highly variable and relying on a misleading inspection could see you out of pocket for tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of dollars.
Pre-Purchase Inspections
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Purchasing a home can be a stressful experience. Our aim is to provide buidling reports that remove any doubt around the condition of the house you are looking to buy - reducing the stress.

Our inspectors are industry experts with many years of experience and the ability to provide independant, trusted reports.
Pre purchase Building Inspections are completed in accordance with New Zealand Standard 4306:2005 Residential property inspection.
Our Inspectors complete inspections all over Auckland.

  • New Zealand Owned
  • Inspections completed using latest software to provide 24hour reporting
  • Trade qualified Inspectors. Experienced and Competent.
  • Inspections in accordance with New Zealand Standards 4306
  • Moisture detection through non-invasive testing using Protimeter Survey Master equipment
  • Exception based reporting - We identify what you want to know, not just provide pages of information you dont need.

Pre-Sale Condition Reports

You've made the decision to put your home on the market, many hours have been spent finding the right agent, preparing for open homes and looking for the next place to call home.

The day has arrived, a buyer has expressed their interest and hopes are high.... Then the buyer recieves an inspection report that identifies issues with the place you have called home. Now everything goes on hold while you negotiate  for repairs and the process begins all over again.

If you are considering listing your home, consider a pre-sale condition report by No Doubt Inspections that will give you the opportunity to resolve any issues that you may not have noticed or been aware of.

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